Sunday, January 21, 2007

No more anonymous posts...

Sorry. I'm not going to accept anonymous posts on this blog anymore. I've always felt that anyone should be able to post their comments to the blog if they want. I've never had any real heartburns about that...

...until recently. Until an individual started posting comments not worthy of reading.

This is a somewhat "G" rated blog and I intend to keep it at or around that level. It's better for everyone all the way around.

Unfortunately, my anonymous friend seems to think it's a forum to express hatred and contempt towards me and my family. I'm not going to accept that.

The ip is a non-referring ip so I really have nothing but an empty source to look at when I try to identify who's doing the posting. That's alright though, I'm fairly convinced I know who's involved and am taking steps to remedy the situation. There's been some rather awkward and challenging moments in our lives around here the past several months so I'm betting our anonymous friend is one of two people associated with some of those events... depending upon the event depends upon who anonymous truly is.

Either way, by going with the "no anonymous" posts I'm requiring those making comments to at least have some identity... which would give me a place to start, at least.

Sorry, but this stuff isn't appropriate.

Maybe on another blog, another time, another day... but not here.

So, simply use your yahoo nick or any other nick you might have when posting. Thanks for understanding.

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