Sunday, January 21, 2007

Opening it up a bit...

Over the years I've come to enjoy blogging. I enjoy blogging very, very much.

Blogs are like bridges. They span gaps, breaks in life.

They provide vessels, passages, avenues for all kinds of people to communicate to others everyday information that would normally not be communicated. Making seemingly simple, mundane activities parts of everyone's lives. Opening portions of our own private little worlds to others.

An exposure...

...a cleansing of sorts.

I've opened the blog up a bit.

This morning I sent invitations to Dad, brother Bill, sister in law Denise, daughter Kerri, son Justin, daughter in law Andrea and the wife to make posts to the blog whenever they get the "urge".

It's a great way to get other perspectives on things rather than to get it straight from me every time.

It's become obvious to me that this communication... it should be a "shared" process. It should involve others and their refreshing, impressive, overall view of what is happening in their own world as they see it.

Not just mine.

I almost blew it though... I almost lost everything I've had to date because of this "Google" blog takeover thingy. Wow. Now that would have been a bit irritating, at least.

I've had this blog up and running for over two years and almost had everything slip away. Slide off to cyberspace somewhere never to be seen again.

Instead, I had the blog revert back to the "old format". Watch out for that Google conversion thing.

So Dad, Bill, Denise, Jacob, Justin, Andrea, Kerri, Jackie... come on over, cross that bridge and post your thoughts. Have some fun with the blog.

I'm challenging you to post your thoughts, have some fun...

...share what you can with those who like to read and want to know.

Take us with you wherever you go and most of all...

...Have fun!

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