Monday, February 14, 2005

Moving on...

Now that this is set up I can move on.

I get to vent first though!I'm getting a bit frustrated with the crap that's happening in my "old" job. Adults acting like children, alleged professionals with huge egos forever needing to be fed. For over seven years I was able to "ride herd" over that particular group of self serving primadonna's and finally, after my live in mother in law passed away I had enough of serving as those grown men's father, confidant, baby sitter and mentor. I was tired... very tired of the constant 24/7 paternal intervention I had to do to keep them all on track, going the right direction and working together. I was offered another position that afforded me opportunities to "move on". The intitial thought of "abandoning" my little group of alleged professionals and moving into a new job frightened me. I felt a paternal allegiance of sorts to see the group through their back stabbing, belly aching, ego feeding, childish approaches towards each other.

When I was with them I provided the buffer, served as their confidant, kept everything in check. Finally, upon my wife's and my return from burying her mother after a tragic and painful death I'd had enough! I moved on and effectively up, ridding myself of their constant complaining... hell, they complained about having to do their job, they complained about each other, they complained about things that didn't even affect them... I can whine... I can vent... I earned this right! I had to put up with this very crap for too long. Now it's my turn to be free of it! So, in the end I served myself... my family by moving on. No more direct supervision... a point decidedly negotiated by me at the job offer interview, no more budget management... another negotiated point, no more multi level headaches!I've moved to a new plateau late in my career. I've been brought in to review, fix or otherwise create and oversee a program of sorts that has substance to it... a program that has potential for fantastic returns! And best of all, I have SUPPORT from the exec group! Such a novel feeling of renewed excitement in my professional life!!!It's been sixth months since I've abandoned "that old group" of selfish, belley-aching wanna-be's.

I'm well on my way to healing myself mentally, physically, emotionally and personally. From the outside looking in at the old group I find myself watching in awe as they tear each other apart. The little cliques I rode herd on and effectively neutralized while I was there are raising their ugly heads and lashing out at one another... huge ego medusa's. Their "program" is crumbling, they're digressing in what little forward performance they had and their morale is below the point of no return.

From what I can see only one of them is salvageable and I'm going to do my best to salvage him. He's a good worker, astute, personable, intelligent, tenacious and level headed... and he's catching the wrath of several of the other "idiots" I left behind. Dirty laundry is being aired as we speak by some of those pompous, self serving folks I left behind. I'm not the brunt of it but I'm certainly ashamed of the way they're responding to change.

Oh well, I feel better... I vented and my life is getting 'oh so much' better by the day. Now I need to "bring over" the last salvageable person in that old group... get him out of there and prove to him he can be happy and solve puzzles at the same time.

For what it's worth. 9:35 AM

Saturday, February 12, 2005 9:46:42 AM

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