Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Weather... what's up???

Have you ever noticed how the weather is changing? I mean, when I was a kid growing up here in the great Pacific Northwest we used to get hellacious storms in the fall and spring, cold, crisp days in the winter and mild, sometimes humid days in the summer. Not so anymore... it's like a roll of the dice. Some years we get summer extensions well into late October and some years August is the beginning of fall.

This year our spring seems to have already "sprung"... the plants are getting new growth, we're getting green up on some of the grasses, bulbs are sprouting, bugs are out... it's just not like it used to be.

Maybe a lot of it can be attributed to that infamous "global warming" but not all of it! So what's happening? Has the earth shifted in it's revolution? Are we spinning closer to the sun? Is the earth's core warming? What the hell is happening?

I used to love soaking in the hot tub on those very cold February nights while the snow fell. My hair would freeze, the steam from the tub would rise and form ice crystals in the air... little tiny crystals that would either be carried away in a light breeze or fall back into the tub's water again. The deck would be covered with a blanket of snow and oh... my whiskey and water would taste ever so good! I can't do that anymore... well, the whiskey and water still tastes pretty good but the other stuff... the snow, ice, frozen hair and hot tub I can't do anymore. Aside from the fact that we no longer have a hot tub and I have far less hair than I used to... minor details... it rarely snows around here anymore. And whatever a hot tub might have to do with the weather is beyond me. But it's uncanny. We get rid of the hot tub and the weather changes! Go figure...

I don't see those clear distinctions between Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall that we used to have around here in the 50's, 60's and 70's. The seasons just seem to "meld" together into some sort of "Winingsumall". Like a melting pot of seasons. The plants are confused, the animals don't know when to shed, bugs flitter around lost, bees sting you in the dead of January, spiders nest continuously, ice is a novelty and the sun seems more prevalent. Just what the heck is happening?


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