Tuesday, February 15, 2005

This should be short...

Well, another day. Valentine's Day went by rather quietly. We gave each other a card in the morning, went off to work, spent the day occupied by our jobs and after work went over to visit Dad. It was a nice visit. We were a bit concerned about how he was doing on this day being as he'd always get Mom flowers or something on Valentine's Day. Well, he did. He took flowers to her grave and visited with her a bit. When we saw him later in the afternoon he was doing great. Like I said, it was a great visit...

I finally figured out some technical stuff about this blog. Remember, I'm new to this blogging stuff so I wasn't exactly sure how to set it up. I still can't figure out how to get a "Guest Book" or counter on this site but that gives me something to do.

J has no idea I have this thing up and running. Nothing here should really annoy or startle her aside from the fact that I'm posting my thoughts to the world. Which I find is a good thing... it's therapeutic in it's odd little way and a bit addicting. Much like the diaries of old.

Instead of going in to work today I'm going to work at home. I keep getting distracted in that "cubicle" world and can't stay focused on some of the tasks that need to get done so I thought I'd bring the urgent stuff to the house and complete them here. I have one other guy coming over to help. Between us we should be able to have everything rewritten, prepped and ready for final dissemination by Friday. It's too bad when you can't do this stuff at work but the job needs to get done.

I got a bit of a "start" yesterday. My ol' heart started racing and felt a bit erratic, my chest felt like it was cramping and I felt dizzy. All this after I took that friggin' pill. Not immediately after but a couple of hours after. Kind of strange but I worked through it. Besides, I know what was happening. Like I said, it runs in the family. There's really nothing that can be done so I'll just have to learn to live with it. Odd though how it seems to have "come on" so recently... over the past six to eight months.

I've been busy at work preparing some testimony for legislature the past four days for one of my exec bosses. She delivered her testimony yesterday. I'm unsure how it went but am sure she'll let me know later in the week. She was testifying on a pretty important piece of legislation that will affect the department and quite a few citizens of the state. Hopefully, all went well.

J and I are going to go help our daughter, her husband and our grandkids move this weekend... a local move. They bought a beautiful new house and are moving from a rental into it. I'm a bit concerned for them because the mortgage payment is up there. I'm sure they've prepared a budget... he's anal like that and probably has it worked out but like I said, I'm still a bit concerned. Big debt and tight finances can ruin good marriages... not that theirs is in jeopardy though... just a father's concern.

Oh yeah! The good news! A representative is coming over to the house next week to conduct an "in-house" survey and to interview us re: Andrew. One of those necessary steps to get him back. We're looking forward to it. The little bugger needs to get out of his mess as soon as possible and get into an environment where he can grow and be loved. Cool, huh!

Alright, I'm getting off of here... going to do my online news reading and wake up J for work.

I'll drop a line later.

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