Saturday, February 11, 2006

family, friends and those in need...

(I tried to give proper recognition to the artist who created this picture but couldn't find any name associated with it.)

I've been off of the posts for a bit. It seems "the wife" has a brother who has some pretty serious "issues" in his life. This particular brother and I are not at all fond of one another and we certainly don't share that "family spirit" however, he does have some issues. He's bi-polar (extremely). Is in real need of medication to control it and has a thousand different moods and "worlds" he wanders off to when he's on his bi-polar mood swings. Currently he's in an extremely depressed state. He's 51 years old and is unemployed. He's married. Why he's married is beyond me. I know his current wife (he's been married 4-5 times) has HUGE issues as well. Perhaps that was the attraction. Nevertheless, they're married and yesterday this very strange, very disturbed wife of 2 years has kicked him, this very strange, very disturbed person out of their home.

He has no job, his vehicle needs repairs, he has no friends and he has nowhere else to go so we opened our home to him... again... after telling him many times before the he wasn't going to live with us again.

You see, he and I have history. 29 years of history. Not good history. I don't respect those who abuse drugs, I have a problem with alcoholics and I truly have a problem with thieves and liars. He's had all of these quirks over the years and they're usually associated with his bi-polar mood swings... which he's in right now.

Since his mother died (she lived with us for over ten years) in August of 2004 he's been on long... real long mood swings. I mean, this last one has gone on for over a year. He's been thrown in jail, gone to prison, is on parole and is... quite frankly... really screwed up.

Being as he's "The Wife's" brother we just can't let him wander. He does need help but WOW, this is something else. I just wonder how many other people out there are in these same dire straits that he's in... how many are out there and how many just simply don't have anywhere to go. No one to turn to. No hope for help.

It's difficult to turn anyone away when they're in need... anyone.

So, it's going to be a long ride. I just wanted to vent I guess... to no one in particular, to those who care to read, to the blog... this internet diary of sorts.

Yep, a long ride.

Take care...


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear!!!!

But what else can you you say - he is J's brother and has nowhere else to go...

Vent away..

always glad to listen...

"May God grant you
For every storm, a rainbow
for every tear, a smile
for every care, a promise
and His blessings all the while".

An old Celtic Blessing

love Sue

D. H. said...

Thank you Sue. One has to vent at times... if for no other reason than to simply clear the mind.

Overall, life is still good.

Cathy said...

I saw your post over at "thenextrung" and thought I would check out your blog. Seems we hold some of the same feelings for lawyers.

Much to my surprise you are from Olympia. My ex is from Olympia and it's quite a lovely town. I have 4 ex BILs there who are lawyers. LOL!! Great people personally, not sure about professionally though. Anyway, hello from a Southern girl who loves the Northwest.

Also, good luck in getting in your efforts to get your BIL in a better place and I hope you eventually win your battle for custody of your nephew. Children deserve love and the security of a stable home.

D. H. said...

Hi Cathy, Thanks for stopping by. It's amazing how small this world really is, isn't it. As mentioned at DG's blog... there's no offense intended re: attorneys. I'm simply not much of a fan of them.