Monday, February 06, 2006

a personal half time announcement I have to share...

Yesterday, at half time at the Super Bowl house "the son" blurted out "Andrea's pregnant!" to "The wife", me, my father, my son's father and mother in law and several friends of the family.

Hmmmm... I heard it! I'm deaf but I heard it... plain as day I heard it. My new (married in September, 2005) "daughter in law" is pregnant with my only son's child! Now that was the capper for the day!!!

Evidently "The Son" had a little bit of a planned announcement but opted for the direct approach... announcing at the half time of the Super Bowl and making it a short and sweet announcement to boot! (Sooooo much like his Dad there!)

"The Daughter-in-law" is a single child whose parents are very, very nice people. Those that you'd most likely befriend in a heartbeat... we did. They're deserving and "son's Mother in law" has been wanting grandkids for some time now. Patience has paid off.

Yah, yesterday was a special day! All of us left the super bowl house winners after all! I'm gonna have another one running around in a couple of years calling me "Poppa" like my two little gems do now.

Speaking of the little gems... "The Granddaughter" had another lovely moment to share with us all the other day. You see, she's in a private, parochial school and is in the first grade. She's learning as she's going but knows there's a subtle difference between right and wrong at times. When they got to our house on Friday night "the granddaughter" announced to us "grown ups" that she wanted to share a story about what happened in her school recently between her and her friend Jason. Of course, we're a bit curious so we encourage her to tell us her story. It seems she and Jason had engaged in a conversation about Santa. "The granddaughter" shared with Jason that Santa had brought her and her brother several nice gifts. According to her Jason was excited and wanted to know more about the gifts so she described them in detail. When she was done she asked Jason what Santa brought him. Jason looked at her, stood up, put his hands on his hips (I know this because "the granddaughter" acts these things out) and told her "Santa's just a big fat asshole!" then turned and walked away.

Oh my God we howled! I felt a bit sorry for Jason and wondered what Santa might have brought his way but those words... those adult type words falling out of "the granddaughter's" mouth with the innocence of youth... not knowing... not understanding their meaning... those words were precious yet precarious. The laughter had to subside and an explanation had to be made. That's where "The daughter" comes in... she took her aside and explained to her that Jason had used some language that is not acceptable.

In the end "the granddaughter" learned a new cuss word... one that she can't use.

Ah, the joys of being a grandparent!


DG said...

I wonder how long he had that bottled up inside him before he got the nerve to make the "announcement".

D. H. said...

Yah D.G... it makes you wonder.

But which "announcement"?. "The Son's" or Jason's via "The Granddaughter"?

I think "The Son's" announcement was planned for half time... a happier half time. Either way, he made the announcement and we were all happy as hell. She's 4 weeks pregnant (according to the docs).

RE: Jason... makes you wonder how long he had that kept in. Also makes you wonder what happened.

Steve said...

Congratulations, Poppa!!! :+)

Another wonderful line of legacy to cherish, my friend!

Such great news!!!

(Football, isn't anything, compared to that!)

Ed said...

This is Sue btw


You and J must be thrilled..

Hopefully the joys of granparenthood are still a long way off for us - but with teenagers I suppose we can't take anything for granted!!!!!!!

If you are called "Poppa". what does J like to be called?

PS I am having trouble leaving comments on some blogs so if this turns up under Ed's name you will know that I had trouble here too (thank heavens for copy and paste I say!)

PPS if this comes out twice it is because I tried before and it went awol!

D. H. said...

Thanks Steve and "Ed" (aka: Sue). We're excited as ever and so are "the Kids".

Ed, Soooo much better than football!

Sue, LOL... Yah, with teenagers anything's possible. Either way though, grandkids are adorable. J is called grandma J by the grandkids. I don't know how the grandkids came up with "Poppa" but I like it.