Friday, February 03, 2006

no generator...

Active Advisory: Flood Watch / Flood Statement , High Wind Advisory (US Severe Weather)

Now they have the expected wind gusts up to 70+ mph. Wonderful.

I did... I went, I looked, I asked... no generator... anywhere! The rentals were sold out, Costco had 1 left and I couldn't convince "the wife" that the $550.00 price tag was worth it (GO 'HAWKS!!! didn't work)... besides, it was a pipe dream. I only had $21.50 left in my pocket of the money I've had over the past two, maybe three weeks. Either way, calm minds, cool thoughts prevailed... "The Wife" intervened. It's my passion to see the 'HAWKS play... scratch that... WIN the Super Bowl! My friggin' passion! "The Wife" God bless her, I love her soooooo much! "The Wife", she knows this... she knows this and dug deep in the closet... pulled out something I haven't seen in at least a decade. Pulled it out and suggested I "use this" to monitor the 'HAWKS!!! progress on Sunday, February 05, 2006 whilst they whoop up on those P-burgh Steelers.

So now, if the power goes out... actually, when the power goes out I'm resigned to listening to my beloved 'HAWKS!!! on a radio much like I did my HUSKIES and COUGARS years ago when I was growing up in the 60's. Yah. I went out and invested in a bunch of batteries. Batteries to live by and batteries to punch into my 20 years old AM/FM Cassette radio (hey, it still works!).

If push comes to shove I'll sit in a closet and listen to my 'HAWKS whoop up! And my grandson will be there with me!

This is totally unbelievable!

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Sunshine said...

Well, at least that is better than nothing!!!

I hope you get to see the match in the end anyway!!!!

Our team got trashed by the old enemy today 45 points to 15.... Ed was more than a tad put out!!!