Tuesday, February 07, 2006

quit our whining!!!

Alright! It's two days past! We have to quit our whining now! We lost. Simple and sweet, we lost!

Let's suck it up and move on. If our 'Hawks had played better we wouldn't be whining. They had the ability to beat the refs and that other team from wherever it was... Detroit??? Where was that other team from? Oh yeah, Pissburgh.

They won. Bottom line they're going down in history as the "team to beat" next year and trust me that'll happen early on.

So, this is my last Super Bowl post.

WE LOST!!!!!



DG said...

I have not been able to watch a sportscast or read the sports section all this week. I'm still in denial...

D. H. said...

Trust me... I can identify.