Monday, February 06, 2006

the 'HAWKS lost it... simple as that.

Yep! Our beloved Seattle Seahawks went to Detroit and lost the game they started out winning. The big, bad Pittsburgh Steelers had no idea how to play us until we started shooting ourselves in the foot... well, I think the officials might have helped aim the gun but then that's just me. Or is it??? Go check out one of the official SEAHAWK's blogs.

Here's what I saw...

Early on our 'HAWKS came out on the field taking the business to Pittsburgh. The Seahawks were controlling the game, consistently moving the ball and otherwise "drubbing" the Steelers. In the first half the 'Hawks were bullying Pittsburgh on the field... pushing their backs to their own goal line on several occasions and simply having their way... until Referee Bill Leavy and his wrecking crew single handedly deflated the 'Hawks momentum more than once, ensuring a victory for the Steelers. Leavy and company made a couple of extremely bad calls and called a touchdown that shouldn't have been.

Now, we can't take anything away from Pittsburgh. They are an opportunistic team and they did have the whole world on their side so when they were given the game they took the gift and ran... 75 yards they ran... to the Seattle end zone. And why not? Why wouldn't they want to win? No, when the momentum was taken from the 'HAWKS and the 'HAWKS failed to get it back the Steelers found it and used it to their advantage.

I'm not crying over spilt milk or anything here... just telling it as I saw it. Seattle was dominating and was walking away with this game early on. They had the mighty momentum going their way and had it robbed from them several times.

As most of us know by now, in the end they lost the game. Seattle did. Seattle lost this game of games, this Super Bowl XL, this North American Football championship that they've been trying to get to for 30 years. Yep, Seattle LOST it... Pittsburgh didn't win it.

It's all logic... Given a few arguably bad calls including a New York Jets Testeverde-ish touchdown, given 3 dropped passes by Jerramy (trade material) Stephens, given an early 4th quarter Hasselbeck interception and given two missed field goals directly adds up to eighteen lost points, two lost first downs and 180 lost yards!

Oh well. I'm looking forward to the draft... a big, sure handed tight end and a couple of other smart players are in order.

While waiting... break out the check book and sign Alexander! (and maybe we can buy a couple of ref's too???)



DG said...

ya, I'm still crying over my spilt milk!

Mike Barer said...

I'd love to see them come back, but come back to win. Don't become the new Buffalo.